We are extremely pleased to announce a diverse range of creative workshops organized by The Smart Center Santa Fe. Each workshop will focus upon learning creative methods and processes for the development of great creative ideas and connect the art of business and the business of art. Our internationally and nationally recognized group of professional educators and business people are extremely adept in teaching the process of creativity and will provide those “secrets” behind successful creative ideas. Workshop instructors will teach you how to use a wide range of methods that will help you improve and be more successful with your own creative skills and become more successful as an artist and business person in an ever changing world of creative business competition.

Our workshops are not traditional art technique or art making educational classes. They are carefully and exclusively focused upon questions addressing “How can I be more creative?” or “How can I be more economically successful?” or How can I be a better teacher?” Workshop leaders will provide answers by demonstrating the methodologies creative people use in the development of business and ideas.

Once again, we will be offering our workshops in the beautiful Lodge at Santa Fe, a small boutique resort within walking distance of the plaza with very affordable, comfortable rooms in rustic Santa Fe style. Our three-day workshops will be Monday thru Wednesday or Wednesday through Friday with daily activities between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

We look forward to your participation in one of our workshops.

Jack Sprague
Educational Director
The SMART Center Santa Fe